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NETAVO blockchain project

About the Project

Browsing for money is a very popular way to make money online . The interest among users (and especially beginners) is explained by the simplicity of this method and the lack of any investment from their own funds. To get started, you only need a wallet and keep browsing the Internet. Based on this kind of revenue services, our project was created based on blockchain technology titled "NETAVO". This project is based on blockchain technology. NETAVO allows users to get important news on the internet, and also gives the opportunity to advertise products quickly to a large number of users.

Type of adverts

We have several types of advertising spaces, which are suitable for different projects

Graphic Design

We'll create the graphic for your startup.

Advanced Statistics

For advertisers, there is a special panel with statistics of visits, views, clicks.

Our purpose

Our goal is to Change the system of advertising on the Internet using a narrow profile of user interest in the services and information flow. Provide users with the opportunity to choose the subject of interest to them. And get a percentage of the service income. On a level with other users.

It is not fair that 50-90% of the advertiser's deductions are taken by a firm that provides advertising services on third-party sites. Most sites simply copy articles and information from each other only to increase traffic to your site and increase the number of views of advertising. We want that the Internet to be cleaned of low-quality advertising, as well as to stop the analysis of your requests on the Internet to provide you with the most interesting advertising. Withal, due to the use of cryptocurrency, you are completely independent of the governing bodies, the anonymity of your data is the priority of our project.

Advantages of cooperation with us


it's-safety, quick transactions and much more

Simple and convenient

The design of our product allows to use it on any device - it will always look stunning.

Security of your data

We do not collect your data, you have the right to specify all the necessary information to find the best advertising for you.

High efficiency

Effective advertising-increases sales and awareness of your brand


Cryptocurrency is not controlled by anyone and allows you to accurately determine fact of payment. The main advantages of these — decentralization, lack of transfer fees and anonymity of account holders.

BlockChain Info

Ticker AVO
Type PoW
Algo Xevan
Masternode yes
Masternode Collateral 1000 AVO
Start masternode payment 1500 blocks
Maturity 240 blocks
Block Time 1 minute


Blocks Reward Miner Masternode
0 0 AVO 0% 0%
1 350 000 AVO 100% 0%
2 - 500 2 AVO 100% 0%
501 - 1500 3 AVO 25% 75%
1501 - 2000 8 AVO 25% 75%
2001 - 5000 19 AVO 25% 75%
5001 - 6000 10 AVO 25% 75%
6001 - 10000 5 AVO 25% 75%
10001 - 15000 2 AVO 25% 75%
15001 - 20000 8 AVO 25% 75%
20001 - 30000 3 AVO 25% 75%
30001 - 50000 9 AVO 25% 75%
50001 - 85000 12 AVO 25% 75%
85001 - 100000 8 AVO 25% 75%
100001 - 110000 6 AVO 25% 75%


Resistant to asic algorithm Xevan, high speed transactions, private transactions.

Viewing ads

You always have the right to turn off ads and stop earning, and later return to us.

High profitability

According to Google ads about 25,000 request per day for searching - earn on viewing advertising.

Road Map

Data Status Info
08/2018 Success
Start blockchain

Testing and release of the wallet

08/2018 Success

Announcement of the project on forums and sites

08/2018 Processing
Listing GoogleChrome plugins

Request to add a plug-in to the chrome store.

08/2018 Processing
Open beta-testing GoogleChrome add-on

Closed beta test add-on for Chrome.

08/2018 Success
Open Pre-sales

Pre-sales for investment in the project.

09/2018 Waiting
Marketing company

Launching a marketing company to attract more advertisers

09/2018 Waiting
Listing exchange

Listing coin to exchange: Crex24, CryptoBridge, Graviex

10/2018 Waiting
Demo ads panel

Demo version of the control panel advertising.

11/2018 Waiting
Opera plugins

Release Opera plugins.

11/2018 Waiting
Firefox plugins

Release Firefox plugins..

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